Sunday, September 7, 2008

This Much I Can Say

Firstly, I'm happy to finally be here, riding the interweb, with you.
Secondly, let's get some immediate business out of the way. Namely, Terrence Malick and movies and the not so hidden reasons for starting this blog.

Malick articulates our struggle to make sense of life. He raises a gentle voice to say, even as we destroy so much and become so cruel, we also dream of a far more graceful existence; and that the worlds of terror and tranquility collide around us and within us everyday, leaving us lost or awe-struck; that even as we attempt to conquer each other and nature, we have an ability to know our smallness, our limits; that in the deepest, darkest places of our existence, the opportunity for beauty and redemption persists; that we know life is tender, incomplete, short; that we are afraid of death; that we are utterly, irrecoverably human. We can hold up something like The Thin Red Line and proclaim: Here is a story that tells of our struggle against human weakness and here is a piece of art that exemplifies that honorable struggle.

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Ryland Walker Knight said...

Yes. So much "Yes." So little, like none, "No." Way to be Big; like, HUGE.