Sunday, November 30, 2008

Santa Fe Film Festival 2009: Here. I. Come.

hello imagined community,

I hope you'll stay with me in this next week or so as I cover the Santa Fe Film Festival on a blog I made for their website. It should be fun if completely exhausting. I'm looking to put up at least preliminary thoughts on the Santa Fe blog as the week goes by, but I imagine the project will spill over to post-festival recaps. I'll also probably reserve some of the more developed thinking for What Is This Light, so stay tuned regardless. Right now, my festival schedule includes:

The Class--Laurent Cantet
Che: The Argentine and Che: Guerilla--Stephen Soderbergh
Everlasting Moments--Jan Troell
Ciao--Yen Tan
Still Life--Mahesh Pailoor
An Unlikely Weapon--Susan Morgan Cooper
Squeezebox!--Steven Saporito
Persian Portraits--Experimental Shorts from Tehran
Doubt--John Patrick Shanley
Em--Tony Barbieri
Kassim the Dream--Kief Davidson
and also a few series of animated shorts and more experimental short material too.

If anyone cares too look at the list of films picked for the 2008 SFFF and give me their thoughts, feelings, and ideas about which ones I can't miss (or who I should try and interview), that would be tremendous. I can't say I'll listen but there's a lot here and obviously I want to miss the least amount of amazing stuff.

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Kj said...

girl, you'll be a woman soon! I am so excited! you are racking up film festivals like poolsharks rack pool balls!!