Friday, December 12, 2008

Santa Fe: Some Highlights

I think I've probably violated some tacit blogosphere codes of conduct by posting the best of my observations from Santa Fe here on What Is This Light. Well, as I wise woman once said, tough noogies. I've gotta keep this stuff close by since that little Santa Fe Film Fest space, though successful in its moment (hotdog!!!), might go under something or get lost somewhere or just change a lot in the future. Ha, but of course this space right here will be around forever, right? Because, its not like blogging is at best a historically bound social movement and at worst a fad, right? Right then. Below are some of the things I wrote at the Santa Fe Film Festival 2008. There will probably be more reflection about the things I saw there, but right now those things are chomping up my mind-heart and can't yet be born into the world.

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