Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Three Truths, The Awful Truth

-You're in a tea shop. And you're in a hurry. So you shout at the waitress.
-Could I have some tea please! Tea please! Please, I want some tea!
-That's not bad, that's not bad, but...would you dare to shout out in a tea shop?
-Oh no.
-So if you can act the angry girl that's good. If you can't, you're telling us it's embarrassing to shout out in public. You're telling us two truths. You're telling us the truth about loud mouths; you're telling us the truth about embarrassment. Telling us the truth twice over. But there is a third truth. A third very mysterious truth. That is, you're not that girl. And you're not in a tea shop. You're on a stage and there are all those people out there. Now if you can manage just once, to tell the truth that you're here and they're there, you'll be a good actress.

--An exchange between teacher and pupil from the beautiful, the important, Esther Kahn.

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Arne said...

This is the most succinct embodiment of that troubling David Mamet philosophy which I've been stumbling to even suggest for the last eight months. Why didn't I watch this movie with you?